Club Geeks was created to meet the unique IT needs of the Club industry.

The Club industry is unique. The intense focus on member service and satisfaction often comes as a surprise to people with backgrounds in other fields.

Clubs historically spend less on IT than comparably-sized organizations in other segments of the hospitality industry, creating distinct challenges for IT personnel. We believe our experience in the industry allows us to understand and work within budget constraints while maximizing value.

Club Geeks provides IT services for clubs in our home market of Atlanta, as well as many other clubs nationwide. During our 10 year tenure at Cherokee Town & Country Club, the Club has been widely recognized as a technological leader in the industry, and we are proud of our role in their accomplishments. Cherokee is consistently ranked by its peers as the number one or two Country Club in the United States, according to Platinum Clubs of America.

Unlike virtually any other IT provider you will encounter, we have extensive experience with the leading club software packages, including Northstar, Jonas, and Club Systems. We have managed multiple system conversions, and in particular we have a close working relationship with the Northstar team, both in Atlanta and in Pakistan. Azeem Lakhani, the Director of Club Relations for Club Geeks, spent several years as an Assistant Manager at Cherokee before joining Club Geeks. Having worked on the front lines, he has a deep understanding of what is needed to make a Club run smoothly.

Computer hardware is essentially a commodity. Any competent IT vendor can sell and install servers and POS terminals. What differentiates us is our experience in the club industry, and our extensive knowledge of club-specific software packages. Other vendors do not have the experience necessary to manage such a conversion.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your IT needs further, and we are available to discuss further, either on the phone or in person at the Club.

"Club Geeks has not just provided us with technology support; they have become true business partners. Understanding our organization and providing reliable solutions is their absolute strength. They are both knowledgeable and think out of the box to come up with solutions to technology issues. I couldn't be more pleased with the partnership our organization has developed with Club Geeks."
  • Linda Cook
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Philadelphia Cricket Club

Club Geeks has extensive experience with the leading club software packages.