Professor Geek will handle your IT management so you can focus on running your small business.

Professor Geek's focus on small business IT support sets us apart from other IT Companies. No two companies are alike, and neither are their technology needs. What works for one business may not work for yours, which is why we mold our support to meet your specific needs. Your computer systems should never hinder your ability to work efficiently.

Any IT vendor can sell and install servers and desktops. What differentiates us is our experience with small businesses and our understanding of small business finances. As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to find the best option in terms of software, and price. We will never install more than what is necessary and we will never suggest equipment that is more than what your office needs.

Professor Geek provides:

  • Continuity: Turnover of IT professionals can be high due in part to a lack of a career path in a small business. With Professor Geek, we will always be there for you and your company.
  • Availability: Professor Geek is available for support outside of normal business hours. It is uncommon for a salaried on-staff employee to be on-call outside of business hours. Our response time to your needs is faster than other, large scale IT firms.
  • Scalability: Professor Geek provides access to the staff you need to meet your business needs. Using Professor Geek ensures that you're not paying for technology resources when they are not needed, and you have access for additional technology resources right when you need them.
  • Specialization: Professor Geek staff provides expertise in specific areas of technology. This alleviates the need to find a deep and wide skill set in one full-time on-staff employee.

Proactively addressing technology needs can reduce downtime and lost productivity. Don't wait for systems to fail to address your technology needs. Cost-effective pricing plans are available to meet your needs.

We are experts in helping small businesses manage technology so it works for them.